Facility & Learning Environment

We are committed to providing a caring and professional environment where children know they are safe, nurtured and respected as they explore our rich learning environment.

We believe that play is the language of children that fosters the development of learning and critical thinking as a child grows and matures. James’ Place staff strives to create a supportive atmosphere based upon a child-oriented, developmentally appropriate environment where children learn through play and exploration of their world. In this manner, children have the opportunity to become independent and successful learners. Play and learning materials are manipulative, self correcting and hands on in nature.

This child directed approach fosters a sense of curiosity and excitement in children, making them eager to learn about their world. Our Teachers act as facilitators and mentors encouraging children to rely upon their own intrinsic motivation for learning. We look forward to getting to know your family and help your child explore the fun of learning.

Infant Loving SpaceInfants Loving Space

Individual attention, a loving, nurturing and fun environment with low child-to- teacher ratios give our children the opportunity to accomplish essential milestones and key developmental goals.




Toddlers SpaceToddlers Growing Environment

Our child centered program facilitated by experience teaching staff encourages individual development in physical health, social and emotional growth, learning, and language. Each of these areas of development are explored to help meet your individual toddler’s needs.




Preschoolers Exploring AreaPreschoolers Exploring Area

Our preschool environment helps children explore their world, experimenting with new ideas and learn how to express themselves. Our learning environment is primarily organized into activity or interest centers to help children explore and expand their developmental abilities at their own rate, encourage creative and gain critical thinking skills. Preschoolers experience the joys of learning with hands on child-oriented exploratory play.



  • Blocks & math manipulatives
  • Creative arts & music
  • Dramatic play
  • Language discovery: books and writing centers
  • Read more...Science exploration
  • Sand and water play
  • Toys and games
  • Body movement activities


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