James Place students participate in Muscular Dystrophy Association Hop-A-Thon Program

The preschool class at James' Place Kids spent a major portion of the months of March and April participating in the Muscular Dystrophy Association Hop-A-Thon program. Using curriculum materials provided by MDA the preschoolers at the daycare learned that not all children can run and play as they can.

 Under the guidance of pre-school lead teacher, Anna Lowry, the children used role play in the preschool classroom to practice. sharing the information they had learned.  They then set out to solicit donations.

 Visiting offices and businesses in downtown Bellingham the children raised close to $100 for MDA.  In so doing they also learned about others less fortunate than they, they, learned how to present information concisely and accurately and practiced public speaking.

 In the future the children will be participating in other efforts on behalf of those less fortunate than they.