Service Hours & Programs

James Place Child Development Center
Open 7:00 am— 6:30 pm

James’ Place Child Development Center provides an educationally rich environment where children will grow developmentally while in the care of loving professionals during the hours that their parents are at work.

We encourage families to balance career needs and child care needs with quality of life desires. In addition to providing quality staff and exceptional educational environment, we encourage parents to visit children during the day for lunch breaks. Mother's may use the bonding room to nurse their child on a drop-in basis.

Our low children to teacher ratio enable staff to provide more individual care to your child.

Our programs include:

 Ages 1 to 12 months

Maximum class size = 6

 Teacher Ratio: 1 - 3 children

Ages 12 months to 2.5 years 

Maximum class size = 10

 Teacher Ratio: 1 - 4 children

2.5 to 5 years 

Maximum class size = 7

 Teacher Ratio: 1 - 5 children



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