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Kathleen Westover Master of Arts in Applied Behavioral Science Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education  Children’s Mental Health Specialist  Certified Play Therapist Licensed Mental Health CounselorKathleen M. Westover, M.A.
Master of Arts in Applied Behavioral Science
Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education 
Children’s Mental Health Specialist 
Certified Play Therapist
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

While on the faculty of WCC where she was teaching Early Childhood Education and Parent Education as well as working as a consultant to the Lummi Head Start program, Kathy was a working mother in need of quality childcare who was developing an experiential understanding of the complexity of the childcare dilemma; and having taught preschool she was aware of the need to integrate a developmental approach in a preschool/childcare milieu. Her children are now in their 30’s. When recently approached by a young working mother with the comment, “Kathy, we should start a child care center,” she decided it was time to do so.

Kathy taught preschool and was on the faculties of both WCC and BTC coordinating and teaching numerous classes including early childhood education, parent education, foster and adoptive parent education and was the mentor for the first early childhood educator in Whatcom County to earn her CDA credential. The job was part time and offered the flexibility to allow Kathy to be very present in the lives of her children prior to their entry into public school, while at the same time work in an advocacy role for parents.

When her children were fully enrolled in the public school system, she returned to graduate school and earned a clinical degree, then worked as a social worker and psychotherapist at Catholic Community Services Northwest for 10 years prior to joining a multidisciplinary group of mental health professionals and opening her own counseling practice.

Kathy has personal and professional experience with children of all ages, from all walks of life and in a variety of settings. James’ Place has allowed her to combine all the best elements of everything she has done over the years and create a haven for children and their parents in the heart of Downtown Bellingham.


bevBeverly Manley

Beverly earned her Early Childhood Education certification from Whatcom Community College. She has worked caring for special needs children in this state and others since the early 1980’s. As a therapeutic foster parent caring for mentally ill children in her home, she has extensive training in normal and abnormal child development, behavior management, children with special needs including psychiatric problems and has worked tirelessly as an advocate for children in our community.   She and her husband adopted or became legal guardians for many of the children who were placed in her home. At James’ Place the children know Beverly as “Mimi” and many of our parents report their children sharing with them things they are learning from Mimi.   “Mimi says…” is echoes throughout many households in our community.




Anna Lowry

Anna has been working in childcare for 12 years.  She Graduated Whatcom Community College in 2005 with an Associates Degree in Early Child Development. She has taught with a variety of preschools and development centers. Anna has experience working with children from birth to 12 years of age. While studying at WCC she interned in a kindergarten classroom. As a lead toddler teacher she planned curriculum and managed a class of ten children, with an assistant. She is very excited about leading the preschool classroom at James Place.

In Anna's words, "This age group is such an adventure. Planning our lessons and finding engaging activities this age group is going to be a new and exciting challenge. Full of positivity and fun, the environment here at James Place is truly amazing and the teachers and students have a real sense of togetherness and family."




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