Professionals caring for your child in the heart of downtown Bellingham

Bellingham’s Standout School for Early Childhood Development

We Exceed Licensing Standards

James Place is proud to meet all the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics as regards early childhood education, which tend to exceed basic licensing requirements. We are happy to provide parents with a copy of the AAP checklist when they take a pre-enrollment tour.

teachers and toddlers in preschool playground

High Staff Ratios

While state childcare licensing standards assure safe, custodial care, at James’ Place we do more. Staffing ratios 30% – 50% beyond regulation allows us to provide many extras individually to each child.

two sleeping toddlers

Parent Webcam

Our parent webcam program facilitates observation of your child in his/her classroom in real time. We have found this element of our program to be reassuring for parents who can log on at any time, thus assuring themselves that their child is happy and well cared for. Signed agreement to a strict confidentiality protocol is required for participation, any violation of which will result in suspension of access to the cameras.

mother and infant

Bonding Room for Breastfeeding Mothers

The ability to continue breast feeding after returning to work provides ongoing health and nutritional advantages for the baby.  It continues to build on the mother-infant bonding process and decreases separation anxiety for child and parent.  We provide a secure, private room for a nursing mother to come and feed her infant during the work day.

kids in wagons

In the Heart of Downtown Bellingham

We attend story hour weekly at the Bellingham Public Library, run and play on the library lawn, walk the trails around Whatcom Creek, visit the fish hatchery, tour the police and fire stations, and visit local businesses such as the Bagelry (where we get our week’s supply.) Every October we dress up and participate in the Downtown Trick or Treat event.

child with downs syndrome and teacher

Specialized Learning Professionals

We maintain consulting relationships with support professionals in the community and work in a collaborative manner with them when a child with specific needs is identified.  Included are speech and occupational therapists, mental health professionals and a pediatrician.  For children with specific needs transitioning to a public school district we work with the district to arrange for the child to have services in place upon entering kindergarten.

Mission Statement

We are committed to providing a loving and professional environment where children know they are safe, nurtured and respected as they explore our rich learning environment. James’ Place Child Development Center serves families in need of full or part time child care. We value the opportunity to get to know each of our families and help meet the developmental needs of their children.

Specialist Services – A Mother’s Testimonial

"My adopted son, 'A', is brilliant, charming and highly active.  But he was born addicted to methadone so he also has impulse issues.  I have to work to support my family, so 'A' has to be in daycare. As he grew to be a toddler, 'A' used his intelligence to disrupt...

 Our Programs

infant playing on grass


Ages 1 to 12 months
Maximum class size = 6
Teacher Ratio: 1 - 3 children

toddler painting a rainbow


Ages 12 months to 2.5 years
Maximum class size = 10
Teacher Ratio: 1 - 4 children

preschool children in front of their child development center


2.5 to 5 years
Maximum class size = 7
Teacher Ratio: 1 - 5 children

News & Events

Childcare and Corporate America

Childcare and Corporate America

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Returning to “Normal”

Returning to “Normal”

The COVID-19 pandemic had profound consequences worldwide.  Thousands of families lost loved ones.  Children did not attend school.  Businesses closed and business owners lost their livelihoods.  People were isolated in their homes, including separation from extended...

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2020 Reflections

2020 Reflections

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