About Us

James’ Place Child Development Center provides an educationally rich environment where children will grow developmentally while in the care of loving professionals during the hours that their parents are at work. 

James’ Place programs provide opportunities for development of the child as a whole person. Children will be nurtured physically, emotionally, intellectually and as spiritual beings. They will be provided with experiences that foster physical wellness, self esteem, tolerance, respect for diversity, competence and mastery, emotional development, assumption of personal responsibility, intellectual development and the ability to live in harmony with others.

preschool children clapping

Program Objectives

Assure the physical, emotional, personal and interpersonal safety of all children in our care, and provide positive adult role models that treat others with kindness, respect and compassion at all times.

Foster enhancement of every child’s self-esteem, self-awareness, and self-confidence by provision of multiple and varied opportunities for success, competence and mastery of his/her world.

Facilitate maximum cognitive, interpersonal, physical, social and emotional growth/development through exposure to teachers, mentors and materials that stimulate and challenge children to learn and grow.

Foster respect for individual and cultural differences through discussion, cultural awareness activities, literature, and role modeling.

Empower each child to be responsible for his/her behavior through the experience of natural or logical consequences for his/her own decision making.

 Provide all children with the opportunity to master effective problem solving and conflict resolution skills through exposure to role modeling by staff.

 Our Programs

infant playing on grass


Ages 1 to 12 months
Maximum class size = 6
Teacher Ratio: 1 - 3 children

toddler painting a rainbow


Ages 12 months to 2.5 years
Maximum class size = 10
Teacher Ratio: 1 - 4 children

preschool children in front of their child development center


2.5 to 5 years
Maximum class size = 7
Teacher Ratio: 1 - 5 children