kathleen westover
Kathleen M. Westover, ma


Kathleen is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with a specialty in children and family.  Her undergraduate degree is in Elementary Education with a  Master’s Degree in Applied Behavioral Science.  She taught children in a preschool classroom and adults in a community college setting in the areas of Early Childhood Education, behavior management, foster parenting and adopting older children.  As a clinician in community mental health for 10 years and private practice for over 20 years she worked with children, adolescents, adults, couples and families in outpatient and residential settings.  She consulted to school districts, early learning, daycare homes, daycare centers and Head Start programs.  She works with divorcing parents and the legal community to develop parenting plans that are sensitive to the needs of children.

Although her children are in their 30’s, based on her experiences as an employed mother, she remains convicted by the need for quality childcare options.  James’ Place is her effort to provide an environment that provides a “home away from home” for children that is developmentally appropriate, loving and aimed at each child achieving their full potential every day of their lives.
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Julie Flores

Lead Teacher

Julie often volunteered as a teacher’s assistant at local schools in her area when she was just a teen. Having a large extended family she often found her self helping to corral and entertain the younger kids in her family. She often considered becoming a teacher but wasn’t sure if it was right for her. However, eventually she found herself drawn back to working with children and has worked for us for several years now. She started here as an assistant teacher and has worked her way up to positions with more responsibility. Currently, she is pursuing her bachelors in Elementary Education at Western Washington University. When she isn’t at work or school she enjoys using her free time to spend with her partner and their adopted dog Cedar.

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Alisa Rothenbuhler

 co-lead teacher- enchanted sky room

Alisa started at James Place May 2021 however has been working in childcare for 4 years. She has an identical twin sister as well as a younger brother. Alisa has a passion for working with kids and especially loves toddlers. She lives in Blaine, WA and loves to go to the beach with friends to look for beach glass. In the classroom she is great with the kids and loves to teach them new things each day.

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seanna Yonally

co-lead teacher- enchanted sky room

Seanna has an extensive background in Early Childhood Education working in the field since 2012.  After earning an Associates of Art degree in Visual Communication she realized that her true desire was to continue positively impacting the lives small children each and every day; and she has done so ever since.


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Hannah Wagenblast

co-lead teacher camping Room

Hannah is a  student at Western pursuing a Bachelors in Psychology and hopes to become a high school teacher. One of her favorite things to do is go camping and hang out on the beach with her friends. Hannah loves to travel and go on road trips. The last road trip she went on was to visit friends in Yakima two months ago. She grew up in Puyallup, Washington. Hannah had a few younger siblings and a cousin she would watch when she was old enough. She also worked with other kids when she volunteered at church. Something she likes to do in her free time is watch movies. One of her favorite movies is Ten Things I Hate About You.

Dixie Edmonson

-co-lead teacher camping Room

Dixie knew when she was in high school that she wanted to be a teacher and she has been working tirelessly to achieve that dream ever since. She is currently working on her bachelors in Early Childhood Education at Western Washington University. When she gets time to enjoy herself she likes to swim, hike or create art. She has two cats and a snake, all of whom she loves. In her classroom she is very hands on and passionate about helping to foster their growth and development by creating a safe space where they are encouraged to work with each other and grow in their own way.

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Erika Short

lead Teacher- safari room

Erika came to us with experience working with school age children, preschool age and toddler age children. She finds joy in helping kids make connections through learning. She also has three German Shepherds and a husband whom she enjoys spending time with when she isn’t working.


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Katherine Franklin

Assistant teacher- safari room



roman kemp

assistant teacher- camping Room