kathleen westover
Kathleen M. Westover, ma


Kathleen is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with a specialty in children and family.  Her undergraduate degree is in Elementary Education with a  Master’s Degree in Applied Behavioral Science.  She taught children in a preschool classroom and adults in a community college setting in the areas of Early Childhood Education, behavior management, foster parenting and adopting older children.  As a clinician in community mental health for 10 years and private practice for over 20 years she worked with children, adolescents, adults, couples and families in outpatient and residential settings.  She consulted to school districts, early learning, daycare homes, daycare centers and Head Start programs.  She works with divorcing parents and the legal community to develop parenting plans that are sensitive to the needs of children.

Although her children are in their 30’s, based on her experiences as an employed mother, she remains convicted by the need for quality childcare options.  James’ Place is her effort to provide an environment that provides a “home away from home” for children that is developmentally appropriate, loving and aimed at each child achieving their full potential every day of their lives.
linden warner, assistant teacher
Jordan Willoughby, ba

program supervisor

Jordan Willoughby graduated from Eastern Washington University with her BA in Children Studies with a focus on Social Services. She gained a certificate in Child and Family Support and a double minor in Communications and Sociology. Jordan was born and raised in Bellingham and is excited to be back in her hometown.

In her time at college she spent it working as a tour guide, an assistant teacher at the preschool on campus and a front desk staff at the visitor center. She also was a member of Alpha Omicron Pi where she held the roles of Chapter President, and the Vice President of Standards. Eventually she hopes to return to school to get her PhD in sociology and become a college professor. 

In her role as program supervisor she brings her knowledge from her degree to help prepare the curriculum for the teachers to implement in the classroom. With her management experience she is able to help train and manage staff to create a positive work environment to help better the children and their learning. She hopes her fresh eyes and energy can help grow and expand James’ Place programing.

linden warner, assistant teacher

Lead TEACHER – Infant Program

Gina has been working at James’ Place since August 2017 and started as an assistant teacher and has recently transitioned to be a lead teacher in the infant room. It has been a pleasure for her to work in all three classrooms and enjoys helping the kids learn. She received an AA degree from Whatcom Community College, has knowledge of sign language and STARS training.


gina biondolillo
Briana Dennis

 Lead Teacher – Infant Room

 Brianna is currently a student at Western Washington University. She is 21 years old and is majoring in Accounting. She has 5 siblings and 2 of them are10 years younger then her. Brianna love to read, watch anime and bake in her spare time. The kids at the center enjoy having Brianna in their classroom and she is a great storyteller.

gina biondolillo
Michayla Mueller

Lead Teacher – Toddler Program

 Michayla is currently studying at Western Washington University working to get her BA in Kenseiology. Prior to working at James’ Place she served as a helicopter mechanic stationed in Japan for 4 years. Before serving in the navy she worked multiple childcare jobs including a preschool teacher, a elementary SPED paraprofessional, an after school elementary teacher, a gymnast coach and a swim instructor. She loves working with kids of all ages and is excited to use her skills at James’ Place.

gina biondolillo
Jessica Neal

 Lead Teacher – Toddler Room

Jessica is a student at Western Washington University pursuing a degree in Elementary Education. She loves to volunteer in grief work with kids, she loves to spend time with them and they always amaze her every time. At western when she isn’t in school she is a track athlete and she loves to go outdoors and hike.

gina biondolillo
Jennifer Thorton

Lead Teacher – PreSchool Room


gina biondolillo


Bobbi has a BA Degree in Social Work, a black belt in karate and “lots of people experience”.  As the adoptive parent of her step-grandson, a child with significant special behavioral needs, she discovered James’ Place in 2011 after her 2 1/2 year old grandson was expelled from another childcare setting.   He remained at James’ Place until starting kindergarten.  She state she “is forever grateful for the care and direction” her grandson received at James’ Place and credits his time here for the “great guy” he is today.  She also has grown children and grandchildren.

Bobbi helped us out as a substitute teacher for years while working in the insurance industry.  In 2017 she decided to end her career in insurance but wanted to remain active on a part time basis.  She asked if James’ Place could use her help.  The answer was a resounding “Yes.”  She works the opening shift sharing her love, warmth and wisdom with children and parents during the difficult separation experience at the start of the day.  She loves horseback riding and “working with the great people at James’ Place.”

gina biondolillo
Julie Flores

 assistant Teacher – PreSchool Room

Julie has had previous experience volunteering with kids in a daycare and classroom setting. She is currently working on her transfer degree to Western in Early Childhood Education. In her spare time she enjoys reading and swimming. She loves the sun in summer and she is passionate about teaching children through hands on and immersive learning experiences.

gina biondolillo
Jesse Dooghan

assistant Teacher – Toddler Room

Jesse is currently studying Sociology at Western Washington University. She plans to work in animal conservation after graduation. Jesse has two cats Wolfie and Orville and a Dog, Ruthie. She usually spends most of her free time with them
gina biondolillo
Elizabeth Cook

 assistant Teacher – Toddler Room


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