2.5 to 5 years
Maximum class size = 7
Teacher Ratio: 1 – 5 children

preschoolers out front of their child development center

The preschool ages are an exciting and learning filled time for children. At this age children are gaining independence and self-control, learning how to socially take initiative in positive ways; they are becoming keen observers of their world and experimenting with new ideas and self expression. 

Our curriculum helps children progress at their own developmental rate and encourages creative and critical thinking skills.

Program Overview

Social/Emotional Development

  • Developing a sense of self and relating to others in healthy ways.
  • Taking responsibility for personal actions, following routines and respecting others.
  • Demonstrating prosocial behavior by sharing, showing empathy and getting along with others.


  • Achieving gross and fine motor control enables a child to feel self-confident and willing to try new things.
  • Gross motor control includes movements of large muscles, balance and stability for activities such as: running, jumping, throwing, kicking, etc.
  • Fine motor control develops coordination and dexterity of small muscles for manipulating small objects.


Preschoolers are exploring the joys of learning, developing their thinking skills and finding out about their world and how to use what they have learned.

  • Learning and problem solving: children are eager to investigate their surroundings. Gain and use information, ask questions, test ideas and apply their understanding of how things work.
  • Thinking logically: children gather and examine new information, organize their world and expand their learning further.
  • Representing and thinking symbolically: Using their imagination frees children from literal thinking and helps them develop their ability to explore abstract ideas and creativity. 


  • Listening and speaking: increasing one’s vocabulary to communicate with others and express oneself. This helps children gain independence in their world, relate well with others and enhances their ability to learn.
  • Reading and writing, developing an understanding of written language, how print works and its purpose to explore new things and communicate with others. James’ Place learning environment is primarily organized into activity or interest centers to help children explore and expand their developmental abilities. 

Hands on, child-oriented, exploratory play in these areas are provided daily.

  •  Blocks & math manipulatives
  • Creative arts & music
  • Dramatic play
  • Language discovery: books and writing centers
  • Science exploration
  • Sand and water play
  • Toys and games
  • Body movement activities 

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