Ages 12 months to 2.5 years 
Maximum class size = 10

Teacher Ratio: 1 – 4 children

toddler painting a rainbow

Our child centered program facilitated by experienced teaching staff encourages individual development in physical health, social and emotional growth, academic learning, and language development. Each of these areas of development will be explored and matched to meet your individual toddler’s needs.

Physical Health

Toddlers will be exposed to and encouraged to participate in activities that will develop their large and small motor skills. Toys, art projects, and outdoor activities, including climbing, throwing, running and jumping.


All children need to know that they are in a safe and secure environment. Toddlers will be supported and encouraged to understand their feelings and emotions within a setting that provides this supports. They will begin to name and express their feelings in age appropriate ways. Toddlers are also encouraged to learn to play with others and explore their independence.


Toddlers are naturally curious and want to explore and learn about their environment. They enjoy and grow by exposure to new places, getting answers to their questions, and make believe play.


Toddlers learn to communicate in many ways. By listening to adults through talking, reading and play, their language and learning will expand. Teachers will use their words to describe activities and objects, give them choices to help them put words together and learn to follow directions.

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